Pre-sales to after sales service - everything about guests!

Proven Strategies and Action Steps for delighted guests

Everyone is talking about service. Excellent service, red-carpet service, world-class quality, impeccable service, unbelievable service and spectacular service.

Here’s why? Because your service delights guests and delighted guests are loyal, spend more money on your brand, promote you and tell friends about you. And of course, we remember the power of positive feedbacks and reviews.

Guest service ensures more pleasure and more profits for you.

Benefits of guest service are clear, but how to make it happen?

This fun filled, activities based, easy to learn, guest service course shows you clearly what to do, how to do it, why and when with proven strategies to successfully deliver red carpet guest service.

guest service sharvari shinde

Get ready for a challenging and rewarding ride, packed with high-value learning and tons on new ideas.


In 10 weeks you will learn about guest service mindset, proven tools and user friendly policies, service culture, service standards, your service interactions, generating new possibilities, understanding perception points, understanding value dimensions, How to get close to your customers, crafting your sales vision, making guests information rich, Cultivating guest contact, building culture of service recovery, benefits of service gurantee, service integrations and innovations.


There are 12 modules designed to delight your guests with proven strategies and action steps which includes some activities, assignments.

It includes one to one live sessions which will help to build a mindset to upgrade your service, develop a service culture , help you to apply proven techniques to get closer to your guests, achieve surprising and unbelievable results, increase guest loyalty, discovering your hidden powers so you enjoy the results and winning reputation you deserve.


Excellent guest service provider YOU – is your new identity where you are confident, adding value to your life and your guest’s life which is creating delighted guests, which leading to more business, increased sales, added revenue and added profits.

This new brilliant YOU is capable of finding new solutions, have more creative ways to delight your guest , which brings you new recognition and prestige.


Be a winning guest service provider by developing your skills, applying creativity, developing  preferences and personality. Let’s start giving your best to people and start receiving THE BEST in terms of guests recognition, with tons of positive feedback and reviews for your service leading to high revenue, great satisfaction, High profits, compliments, by adding value to your business, your life and people’s  lives.

Build new career muscle with insights, training and skills that allow you and your company to perform at the highest potential.

Gain the confidence you desire and transform your mindset from “I’m lost” to “I’m in control of my life”.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1 to 1 Guest Service Session

Schedule 1:1 virtual session with me where we can understand what kind of service you are providing to your guests and what element you can add into it to make it better.

This session is about 45-60 minutes, where we will understand on  which service area you need to work and can design a plan of action to work towards your red carpet service.

Choose a Coaching Plan

After having idea of your current service, I will suggest you the most effective and delighted ways to offer service to your guests. Once guest are super happy with your services, they would love to come back again and again and send more guests to you.

Reach Your Goals

‘Guest Service-Up Your Service’ coaching results in the following:

Once you upgrade your service standards, your guest can see the difference and even you will experience hike in your revenue. Once your revenues will go up, you can even introduce more ways to make your guests happy by having advances technology and systems. Happy guests, Happy You!!


Build your service culture

Provide a better service experience which leads to delight your guests

To take personal responsibility for improving services which will Improve your performance

Continuous service improvement which builds trust with guests

Standout from competitors with unique customer experiences

Cultivate powerful partnership with guests and colleagues

Increase guest loyalty with effective service

My Approach

Do your guests LOVE you? Do they tell to their friends about what a great company you are? Would they ever consider switching to a competitor? Do they always leave your premises happy and well cared for? You might think this is a faraway dream, too expensive to achieve, or simply impossible for a business like yours….But guess what – it’s not! Guest Service can make all of those goals come true, and doesn’t need to cost you anything except creativity and passion. 

Amazingly there are almost no official theories, tools or frameworks out there talking about Guest Care. For me it’s one of the most powerful and underestimated marketing, sales and leadership areas. So, I have created a step by step course you can use to come up with original, cost effective and unique ways to delight every guest and have them coming back to you time after time. Imagine if all your guests became repeat clients, and referred you to others many times over? This course fixes that with simple, tried and tested ideas that have been working for decades. 

The challenge with Guest Service is you need to be constantly ahead of your competitors and offering something unique and special to delight the guests. . This course will allow you to build a loyal fan base of guests who would never dream of spending their money elsewhere… and that could multiply your revenues many times over!

guest service sharvari shinde

Course Details: ‘Guest Service-UP Your Service’

10 Weeks Coaching Package

It is 10 weeks program with 12 modules. And lifetime email support.

You will learn about:

  • it takes a guest service mindset
  • guest service culture,
  • understanding perception points
  • polish your perception point,
  • understanding value dimensions,
  • craft your service vision,
  • guest service toolset,
  • your service interactions,
  • how to get close to your customers,
  • Explore, Agree, Deliver and Assure,
  • make your guest ‘Information Rich’,
  • cultivate guest contact,
  • bounce back, your service recovery,
  • your service guarantee,
  • service  integration and innovation,
  • keeping track of service,
  • what wise people say about service and
  • inspired act of service.

It will create profound transformation and results.



More Details

Who is it for?

  • For hotel industry professionals
  • For travel industry professionals
  • For hospitality students
  • Anyone who aspires to start a hospitality business


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