Strategies and guidelines you need to become proficient in the art of effective selling.

Selling is not only an art but science as well. The objective of every sale is to make certain the guest gets fair value, and if he get more than fair value, not only do you have the sale but you’ve built guest who will in turn help you build other guest. 

Sales is an ever changing field. Every salesperson should think in terms of “What will be the result of this sale? Am I building a relationship, and hence a guest or am just making a few bucks at the expense of someone else?”

Influence is essential to selling because information alone will rarely persuade a person to act.  What moves people is not merely information, but how that information is presented.

Surveys have revealed that often a decision to purchase is based not on the features, quality or even price of a product or service, but upon the sales person.



Are you ready for this exciting journey of learning sales secrets?


In 10 weeks you will learn everything about Sales. These 10 weeks you will know the psychology of closing sale, right mental attitude, your attitude towards Sales profession, characteristics of professional salesperson, learning and Using Professional techniques, Imagination in Selling, use of words for closing sales, Listening and Objections and use of objections to close the sale.


These 10 modules will give you strategies and guidelines you need to become proficient in the art of effective persuasion which will help you to increase your sales volume immediately. There would be 1:1 sessions which It includes some activities, questionnaires which will help you to work on your sales techniques.


Applying new methods of sales and techniques, has brought real and lasting sales success. This NEW skilled SALES PERSON IN YOU is enjoying sales by heart , enjoying  life more, building trust, boosting credibility and creating long lasting relationships which is leading to more revenue, more profits leading to professional and personal growth.


As you are achieving your goal with lots of sales, As now you have worked on your limiting beliefs about your sales and totally transformed yourself to NEW IDENTITY  , you are able to see things differently and can see new opportunities and possibilities in your sales job or Hospitality business. As you have become more sensitive about your guests and have clarity of your purpose, constantly improving , you are more Happy, successful and  full of energy .Keep selling..Keep improving ..keep giving your PEAK PERFORMANCE.

Helping You Find Success With Personalised Coaching

Feel like it’s time to change your selling techniques but not able to make radical shift?

It’s time to learn new ways to sell your services or products to potential guests and enjoy repeated and happy guests. Find out what is going wrong and how to choose correct path for making your selling effective so that you can close more deals effectively with the course ‘The Art of Selling in Hospitality Industry’.

It is for you if you want to learn how to deal with challenging queries and convert them into opportunities for the business.

How Do I know If ‘The Art of Selling’

is Right For Me?

  • You are not able to achieve your sales target consistently
  • You are becoming frustrated as you are not able to know what your guests exactly want
  • You are spending time on routine and repetitive tasks
  • You are not able to keep great relationship with your guests being a sales person
  • You are not getting repeat business from the guests
  • The guests to whom you have served are not interested to coming back to you and closing business with another sales person
  • You are not having joy of closing sales and feeling unfulfilled
  • You are not selling by heart and just doing it for the sake of job
  • You feel that you are cheating your guests by promising the things that you will not be able to deliver.

If you resonate with any or all of the above then Peak Performance coaching is for you.

Schedule one to one Session with me and let’s take it forward.


How to increase productivity and professionalism

How to overcome basic reasons people will not buy

How to project warmth, enthusiasm and integrity

How to deal respectfully with challenging clients

How to sell by winning the trust of your guests

How to sell by understand what your guest want exactly

How to build optimism and powerful sales attitude

How to control your emotions and stop living in negative memories from past or worrying about the future.

Who is it for?

  • Those currently working in sales and looking to increase their sales figures
  • Experienced sales people who are not getting result as they want
  • Those who are considering sales as their career in hospitality industry
  • Anyone who has to deal with guest face to face

My Approach

I conduct one to one live session to understand the root cause of why sales are not happening the way you want to. These 1: 1 sessions are inclusive of case studies, assignments and some activities.

The sessions provide you with tools and techniques to understand your customers, communicate powerfully to deliver the message they want to hear, making an irresitable offer and close deals. I provide material in the form of workbook to practice daily for full immersion.

Immersive exercises create a deliberate performance shift in your mind and in your real life. Practice helps to face the real time situations and implement the tools and techniques for permanent impact.

The coaching helps you to think creatively and swiftly identify solutions. Hence, your peak performance and your teams efficient working.

For longer and permanent impact, I remove limiting beliefs and toxic patterns and help you create a rock-solid mindset with unwavering habits – delivering maximum levels of achievement and fulfillment.

sales techniques sharvari shinde

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1 to 1 Happiness Session

Schedule a one to one virtual meeting with me. Here we will understand where you are and where you want to be in your life and on the corporate ladder of hospitality industry.

The Art of Selling session is 45 minutes to 60 minutes discussion about your core competencies and to analyse what is stopping you to succeed. And finally drafting a path for your highest potential to give your peak performance and realise your dreams and desires.

Choose a Coaching Plan

After a detailed discussion I will design coaching plan as per your requirement. This coaching plan will help you to increase your productivity, will make you able to have great relationship with your guests by understanding what your guest want exactly. When you maintain a great rapport with your guest and understand your guest, it will help you to close sales successfully and you can be a great seller as you have always desired.

Reach Your Goals

‘The Art of Selling’ coaching results in the following:

You are confident to sell your services or products effectively, it will directly impact your business. When you close your sales successfully, your guests will also be happy as you understood their need and able to offer best product or service as per their requirement. So your business will flourish with repetitive and loyal guests.

You are content, fulfilled and happy.

You respond in a calm, composed and a thoughtful way.

You manage people and circumstances effectively and draw the desired outcomes.

You receive praises and accolades from your seniors, teams and guests.

You climb the corporate ladder or professional ladder easily, swiftly and comfortably.

Course Details: ‘The ART Of SELLING’

10 Weeks Coaching Package

It is 10 weeks program with 12 modules. And lifetime email support.

You will find this course will have a lifelong impact on your sales career as well as your everyday life, because all of life is, in reality, selling, and all of us sell every day of our lives. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Improve your closing percentage while building guests
  • Increase productivity and professionalism
  • Overcome the basic reasons people will not buy
  • Deal respectfully with challenging prospects.
  • Learn power phrases or specific words, which will make how you are already communicating even more effective
  • You will pick up new psychological insights which will help you to understand why prospects “respond” or “react” to certain techniques and procedures.
  • You will pick up attitudes and feeling about selling and the sales profession which will make an immense difference in your productivity and your long-term career.

It will create profound transformation and results.



More Details

Who is it for?

  • If you are a hospitality professional working in any area of hospitality industry and want to live happy and fulfilling life.
  • If you are hospitality business owner owning hotel, travel company or any other. hospitality business and want to be more successful by finding your strengths and working on your negative thinking patterns?
  • If you are struggling in your life and trapped in 12 hours job and unable to find work life balance.
  • If you are a working women and finding it difficult to give sufficient time to your family and living with guilt feeling.
  • If you are not earning enough income after spending 12 -14 hours at your workplace and your days are ending with frustration.
  • If you are not getting promoted and not happy with the work you are doing for years.
  • If your work pressure is taking joy of your life and you are suffering in your relationship.
  • If you are not able to give enough time for relaxation, vacations and not able to enjoy your family time.

Did you say YES to all of the above or any of the above? Then this coaching program is definitely for you. ENROLL NOW.

Still Have Questions?