Guest Feedback is a game changer!

Master the Technique to have Delighted Guests.

You require to handle Grievances received generally on 3 stages, pre-tour, on-tour and post-tour. In this course you will learn precautions, solutions and action steps to handle grievances to convert grieving guest to a delighted guest.

If you can handle a guest’s grievance, you can rule your industry and promote exponentially.

Studies demonstrate that yelling guests are a bliss for the business:

  • 96% guests just discontinue without complaining
  • You will never know why are you loosing business
  • Guest grieving is your chance to have first hand information
  • Guest grievance is equal to primary data in your market survey
  • If you listen carefully and resolve the issue, guest will convert to a loyal customer
  • It is a change to build relationship
  • Complaint is a clear cut interest in your business!
handling grievance sharvari shinde

Are you ready for this challenging and exciting journey of handling grievances?


In 10 weeks you will learn everything about guest grievances. You will understand how to take precaution to handling complaints, what are the principles of handling complaints, what are the common guest complaints, reasons and solutions to guest complaints, signs of unhappy guests, steps to reduce complaints, basic guest complaint handling methods, tips for handling angry guests.


There are 12 modules which are designed to know what are the root causes of grievances, how to handle grievances and what to do for reducing grievances. There will be one to one live session, assignments and lifetime email support.

It is an immersive program to transform your life to give your peak performance and achieve the heights you want to.

It includes one to one live sessions, assignments, hand holding, lifetime email support.


When you understand the root cause of grievances, you start to improve each day, as you know what can lead to grievance. This new shift will make your guests happier and it will boost your confidence.

Eliminate fears and breakthrough any mental roadblocks that come in the way and operate in a state of peak performance and achieve rapid personal and professional growth.


Be a peak performer by learning to handle your guests with empathy and work efficiently on their complaints, win guests’ trust and have loyal guests. This will boost your confidence. When you learn how to work on grievances and handle grievances calmly, no doubt your guests would love to visit you again and you have flourishing business.

Build new career muscle with insights, training and skills that allow you to perform at the highest potential.


Effective way to handle complaining guests

Manage guest relationship and building guest loyalty

Complaint handling and service recovery

Guest grievance handling methods

Improving service quality and productivity

Striving for service leadership

MY approach

I conduct 1:1 sessions to find out what’s going wrong with your business and help you to find out root cause of all the grievances you are receiving from your guests.

Being in the hospitality industry, you must know that delivering the best services is prominent. While it’s always good to have happy and satisfied guests, the challenging task begins when you come across angry guests and don’t know how to handle the hotel guest complaints? Or, how to deal with those unhappy guests and ensure that your reputation is upheld?

There are endless reasons that guest may make a complaint. Some complaints are based on physical concerns, such as cleanliness or maintenance problems, while other complaints may pertain more to the guest experience.

You see, a sole instance of poor service might lead your guests to switch to your competitors. Treating every guest with the utmost respect and listening to their complaint helps in serving them a better guest experience.

Practising such a way, not only leaves the guests happy and fascinated but also doubles the chances of them visiting you again.

You are in the business of managing all sorts of guests. You may find some of the guests being calm in their manner to express their displeasure whereas others may just start yelling at you while addressing the complaint. However, in the worst case, they may add a complaint on social media platforms, thus hampering the business’s reputation. So handling such guests can be a complex job.

You’ll get a clear picture of how to cope with such situations, ensuring that your guests are happy and your company’s reputation is on the top level.


How It Works

Schedule a Free 1 to 1 Session

Schedule a one to one virtual meeting with me. Here we will understand where you are and where you want to be in your life and on the corporate ladder of hospitality industry.

Session is 45 minutes to 60 minutes discussion about your core competencies and to analyse what is stopping you to succeed. And finally drafting a path for your highest potential to give your peak performance and realise your dreams and desires.

Choose a Coaching Plan

After understanding your requirements, I will guide you the most effective coaching plan to you that will help you control your emotions and shift them to happy emotions. The happy emotions provide immense control over situations and people around you.

When you are in control of your life you get to perform at your highest potential and create your desired realities. It is so powerful that you can actually turn around any situation to your favour and control your surroundings.

Reach Your Goals

‘Find Self-Find Happiness’ results in the following:

You are content, fulfilled and happy.

You respond in a calm, composed and a thoughtful way.

You manage people and circumstances effectively and draw the desired outcomes.

You recieve praises and accolades from your seniors, teams and guests.

You climb the corporate ladder or professional ladder easily, swiftly and comfortably.


10 Weeks Coaching Package

It is 10 weeks program with 12 modules. And lifetime email support.

You will learn about:

  • Welcome guest complaints – principles of handling complaints.
  • Taking precautions to avoid complaints – incidences that make your guest unhappy.
  • What are the common guests’ complaints?
  • Reasons with solutions of the guest complaints.
  • Types of complainer guests.
  • Sign of Unhappy guests.
  • Value of dissatisfied guests.
  • Steps to reduce complaints.
  • Basic guest complaint handling methods.
  • How to approach guest while handling guest complaints – tips for handling angry guests.

It will create profound transformations and results.



More Details

Who is it for?

  • It is for all those who are in the field of Sales and guest Service
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to handle guest grievances
  • Guest support executives
  • Team leaders

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